Home Cinema

We design and create the ultimate in Home Cinema rooms so you can experience movies as they are meant to be - in Ultra 4K High Definition, with fully immersive Dolby Atmos surround Sound, Starlit ceilings, LED mood lighting, and handmade seating to create you perfect Home Cinema Installation.


A typical Cinema Room installation could be a converted room set aside especially for viewing your favourite films. The room will have a projector able to show films in 4K, this can be wall-mounted or mounted on a drop-down lift. We would also install a projector screen, this can be a fixed option or it can be an electrical drop-down screen. 


Dolby Atmos Surround sound is supplied by speakers and amplification. Depending on budget, the speakers can be wall and ceiling mounted, or even plastered into the walls so they are hidden from sight. 


Bespoke home cinema seating can be provided in any covering of your choice. There are even options available to make them shake and shudder in time with the movie.


Lighting is an important part of the design too. Modern smart lighting can be designed and controlled to create the perfect atmosphere for watching your favourite film. With LED lighting we can control everything from the colour to brightness, all from the touch of a touchscreen tablet. We can even design and install optical fibre ceilings and walls to create amazing Starlit scenes.


To control everything, including the whole house, we recommend using Control4 to provide a single and seamless control system for your Home Cinema installation.