Smart Heating

We can help you create the most beautiful rooms with custom-made TV's, for every room in the home, and even for outside too. We can connect all of these TV's, to a single Media Centre which allows everyone in the house to choose their own programs or films, no matter where they are. We can even connect your Tablet and Smart Phone too.


For customised TV's we suggest using Aquavision. They are a UK company that specialises in customising the latest specification Samsung and Sony televisions. Aquavision offers customers an unrivalled choice of sizes, styles and finishes coupled with an emphasis on innovative, future-proof technologies. With screen sizes from 16” to 85” and a choice of glass colours, there is an Aquavision to blend into every room setting. No cables, no visible connections, just a television to enhance your room design.


For  Media Servers, we suggest using Kalidascope, Crestron or RTI, all of which provide a single and seamless controller experience. 


Unlike our competitors, our strengths lie in IP networking, and with that experience in mind, we strongly recommend installing Ethernet or Fibre to provide an extremely fast network backbone for your Video distribution system. By doing this, we can run the ultimate 4K UHD @30hz 4:4:4 24 bit transmission quality throughout the home.








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